Fake News Media, you’re doing it wrong.

There’s a video going around from years back where Donald Trump made one of his WWE appearances and he clotheslined Vince McMahon.  Someone edited the video and put “CNN” over McMahon’s face.

Trump apparently thought this was amusing after repeatedly bitchslapping CNN in this past week, and tweeted it out himself.   CNN went berserk, as you saw from my posts yesterday regarding the round table on their network.  They complained about how mean Trump is and that he’s “inciting violence” against the Fake News Media.  Apparently someone needs to tell these guys that wrasslin’ is not real fighting.

Anyhoo, the “Trump is inciting violence against the Fake News Media” became the main talking point for a couple of days.  This despite all of the violent imagery that the fake news media has propagated towards Trump, his surrogates and supporters.  And let’s not forget that it’s Trump supporters that are getting regularly accosted on the street.  I also found this a few moments ago from a couple of months back.  This was the NYT’s response to WH Adviser Stephen Miller demolishing the Trump/Russia meme on Late Night TV for the previous week: