Speaking of Mueller and his rather ironic collusion with the Russians…

…another Democrat with close ties to the Kremlin was thrown under the bus by his handlers on cable news this past week.  Alleged pedophile, John Podesta got into it big time with Maria Bartiromo in an interview recently.

Now, most of the talk regarding this interview has revolved around “who won?”.  I have an opinion on this since every accusation that Maria made is independently verifiable.  But that’s not really the interesting thing here.

What is interesting is why was Podesta put in this position in the first place?  Podesta is under the microscope with educated Americans and some members of Congress looking through the lenses.  This is a man with more skeletons in the closet than a necrophiliac coroner and whose emails strongly imply involvement in pedophilia.  So why did he do the interview even though someone within Fox gave Maria the greenlight to go after him?