While the Media and Never Trumpers were hyperventilating….

…about an off-color tweet regarding NWO spawn Mika Brzezinski, a bill to outlaw sanctuary cities (Kate’s Law) quietly passed in the House of Representatives:

Finally, common sense on immigration: Kate’s Law passed by House of Representatives – Washington Examiner

Remember all the Leftist hysteria about forcing big-city mayors to follow the law?  Not a peep.  If you believe that Trump’s tweets are representative of emotional, undisciplined outbursts, by all means go ahead.  But you’re getting played, badly.  Just like the FNM.

Speaking of Mika and her fiancé Joe Scarborough, they had quite the little dustup over this Tweet that goes a bit deeper than the obvious.  There’s a rather dark and checkered past for these two that goes far beyond the two of them cheating on each other’s spouses with one another.

Joe is ostensibly a Republican.  He was a Republican congressman in Florida from 1995 to 2001 and voted as a very moderate, Federalist-style Republican.  He left office in 2002.  Oh by the way, a young woman died in his office in 2001.  Now, you have to consider the source here (Daily Kos) when you take a peek at this article, but the circumstances regarding this young woman’s death are extremely sketchy:  The Ugly Story in Joe Scarborough’s Political Closet.

Mika of course is the child of recently deceased and infamous NWO Svengali who has whispered in the ear of many a President.  Mika’s daughter despises her.  It’s really a classic American family story:  Mom cheats on dad.  Daughter comes to loathe and despise mom.  Daughter becomes a Trump supporter.

But getting back to that now infamous Twitter war between Trump and these two, Joe accused the White House of threatening to have a nasty article written about him (Joe) in the National Enquirer.  It’s now looking as though this was bullshit:

Joe Scarborough BEGGED Jared Kushner to squash National Enquirer story about his relationship with Mika and his blackmail claims are LIES, claims unnamed White House ‘aide’ – UK Daily Mail

Morning Joe host Scarborough, who is friendly with the president’s close aide, approached Kushner because he hoped the president would be able to help, sources claimed.
Trump is a long-time friend of David Pecker, who is the chief executive of American Media, which owns the tabloid.

Kushner said Scarborough should talk to the president directly, at which point the host said he couldn’t because Trump was mad at his coverage on Morning Joe. ‘Well then, maybe you should apologize,’ Kushner reportedly told Scarborough.

That story was agreed upon by two White House sources who told the Daily Beast that Scarborough had ‘calmly sought’ advice from Kushner, who ‘recommended he speak with the president.’

‘This is getting blown up on Twitter and elsewhere as some kind of blackmail operation,’ one of the sources said.

‘The truth is far more mundane. In this case, Joe was talking to Jared about his [bad] relationship with the president and a Enquirer hit piece he was uneasy about.’

I’m not entirely surprised by any of this.  I’ve always felt that there was something off about these two, in particular Joe.