Way to go WND..

..on reviving the story of what is the worst case of espionage in the history of the Republic.

The Biggest Scandal You’ve Never Heard Of – WND

No little blurb from this one to draw you in.  This is a comprehensive, well-sourced article on the Awan brothers and the potential espionage of at least 80 congressmen that deserves your full attention.  The disturbing thing is that this story is common knowledge among members of Congress, but the closest we’ve gotten to an investigation was a statement by soon-to-mysteriously-retire Jason Chaffetz.  He stated back in February that he would investigate the matter but then never did.

So why is nobody in Congress going after the Awans?  Well, it’s obvious as to why Debbie Wasserman Shultz is covering for them instead of calling for an investigation:  She’s part of the conspiracy and/or compromised by the Awans.  As to the rest of Congress, given the Awans’ level of access to Congressional personal devices, it’s likely that they have leverage on a large percentage of our elected federal officials.

This is a story of state-sponsored spies stealing data from dozens (or more) members of the United States Congress, were found out and then allowed to flee to Pakistan.  When there isn’t wall to wall media coverage and a loud clamoring from Congress to have the mater immediately investigated, the fix is in.  The only way this story gets revived is via public pressure.