The editorials imply a basic lack of comprehension…

….of 7th grade economics.  So it stands to reason that when the NY Times announced layoffs, the staff  responded as you’d expect.  They staged a walkout.

No, I’m not kidding.  Yes, a walkout like a bunch of high school sophomores walking out of class for the latest social cause.

New York Times staffers walk out to fight proposed layoffs, reporters write letter to management defending copy editors’ jobs – NY Daily News

Dozens of New York Times staffers walked out of the newsroom Thursday in an act of protest over proposed layoffs.

The job action started around 3 p.m. at the newspapers’ Midtown office near the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd St.

NewsGuild president Grant Glickson rallied the newsroom before the job action — flanked by state AFL-CIO president Mario Cilento and other labor leaders.

Carrying signs that said “Copy editors save our buts,” staffers from nearly every floor of The Times’ headquarter hit the exit for the short rally and walkout.