On its surface…

…The Trump Presidency is the story of an outsider catching lightning in a bottle.  Trump came along at a time where enough of the populace had woken up to establishment corruption that a major base could be build comprised of people with widely ranging political philosophies.  That base was large enough, active enough and informed enough to put him in the White House.

But the story goes deeper.  The term “Deep State” has become part of the American lexicon but what people don’t understand is that the Deep State is not completely populated with monsters.  There are plenty of “white hats” in the Deep State.  Right now the CIA and NSA are very quietly at war with one another.  The Deep State is not a monolith, there are multiple power bases within.  Trump was… perhaps “drafted” is too strong of a word, but what some white hats within the Deep State did is not dissimilar to drafting Donald Trump to run for the Presidency.

Things like this don’t happen quickly.  It took years to bring Trump into the fold and to lay the ground work for him to have a chance at the Presidency and to subsequently try to restore the Republic.  It takes many hands to pull a rope of that size and any time you have a secret shared by many people, that secret doesn’t stay secret for long:

Stephen F. Cohen: Forget “Russiagate,” “Intelgate” Is Real Scandal; Someone In CIA “Running An Operation” Against Trump – RCP

But let’s step back a bit… I think that there has been an intelligence operation run against Trump, surreptitiously, since at least early 2016. I would call it Intelgate. And it is that, not Russiagate, that really rivals Watergate. And it needs to be investigated what these intelligence agencies have been doing, in addition to breaking the law. With this pattern of secret surveillance, and leaking to the press, for months and months. Who are these people, who sat through, I guess, the Obama administration, and have only now departed, who ran our intelligence services. 

Back in those days, I would be invited to join in their seminars… so these people in the agency were good people, intelligent people… Which reminds us that the intelligence services are highly factionalized. There is no The FBI, The CIA. There are rival factions warring with each other, and they have been throughout my lifetime…

I think what we’re seeing in the last year is a powerful element at the top of the FBI and CIA, less so the NSA, waging a surreptitious campaign against Trump and his ‘associates’ and leaking. But I wouldn’t say all these agencies are tainted. This was a leadership problem. Now they’re out, but presumably some of them are still there because the leaks continue. 

They’ve been watching Trump long before 2016.