Notice that the impeachment talk has died down?

The Russia hysteria turned out to be nothing more than hysteria and they know that the obstruction investigation is nothing more than a distraction to further stall Trump’s agenda.  The Democrats are also realizing that their party is about as popular as a fart in an elevator.  Perhaps more importantly, they know that Trump is far more popular than what most polls are saying.  Now, Rasmussen had Trump at 50% last week.  I’m told that the real number is closer to 56-58%.  The polls showing his approval in the 36-40% range are absurd and defy common sense.  You don’t go 5-0 in special elections with an unpopular President in office.  Impeachment is not possible.

Dems Suddenly Worry Trump Impeachment Could Backfire – LifeZette

But don’t think for a moment that impeachment is off “their” radar.  This isn’t just Democrats, this is the Deep State and the politicians that they control on both sides of the aisle.  But the tip of the spear is the DNC and they will sink more money and dirty tricks into the mid term elections than you’ve ever seen before.  If they can somehow manage to get a majority or get close coupled with drumming up enough scandals to give NeoCons like McCain and Graham to turn on Trump, an impeachment attempt is a very real possibility.   Until Trump can clear out a major segment of the compromised individuals in both elected and in-elected positions, this will go on for the next 7 and a half years.