Important stories that nobody reports…

Tonight everyone is talking about how the Democrats set 30 million bucks on fire and came away with nothing.

But there were a couple of big stories today that nobody is really reporting on, and this is and always has been the biggest failing of the Fake News Media.  Don’t get me wrong, the fact that they lie and work hand in glove with the U.S. Intelligence Services is plenty bad.  But often their biggest failure is in what they choose to report on… and what not to report on.

Mohammed bin Salman named Saudi Arabia’s crown prince – Al Jazeera

Salman was not in line to become the Crown Prince, so the line of succession was broken.  This move on the part of King Salman will have enormous consequences for the United States.  Mohammed bin Salman is only 31, but has been the architect of re-engineering Saudi Arabia’s economy away from petroleum and into a modern, tech-based economy.  The process is still ongoing and perhaps he will fail, but his intentions appear to pure.  More importantly, I would argue he is attempting to re-engineer Saudi Arabian society into a more open, liberal (that’s a lowercase “l”, we’re not talking about our little fascists back home) one with increased rights for women.  Mohammed bin Salam is a visionary and this can only mean good things for the U.S. and the world for a man of his mindset to virtually be in charge of the most powerful Arab country in the Middle East.

Our 2nd story has plenty of irony.  We’ve been told by the Democrats and the FNM for months that a foreign power attempted to alter the results of our election.

They were right.  … in the most basic interpretation anyway.  A country did attempt to alter the election, they even apologized for it formally.  That country meddled in our election on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Never heard this before?  I’m not surprised because NOBODY reports it.  The government of the Ukraine interfered in our election on behalf of Hillary Clinton.  Look up a woman (and DNC operative) named Alexander Chalupa.  She was the key figure in arranging for the Ukrainian government to try to sabotage Trump AND she’s a key figure in the Trump/Russia narrative as she was one of the people tasked with creating that narrative.  Amazingly, Politico of all places actually did a story on this back in January:

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire – Politico

So why does this story matter today (aside from the obvious reasons)?  Well, President Trump met with the President of the Ukraine today to celebrate the new sanctions on Russia.

This is fucking insane on multiple levels.