Anything goes…

…because when you’re just positive that you’re in the right, it’s okay to bend or break the rules.

I wonder sometimes if the people that openly (and mindlessly) advocate President Trump’s impeachment, or the people that openly call for violence against Trump and his supporters ever stop to think what will happen if they get what they want.  I wonder if the people on the Left that don’t stand up and condemn this behavior realize that by not saying anything, they’re giving their approval.

The number of smug Leftists that celebrated Congressional Whip Steve Scalise getting shot today by a maniac Bernie bro is absolutely disgusting.  But no less than the number of college professors at major American universities that have openly called for violence and assassination against Trump and his supporters.  Today’s actions by a crazed leftist gunman should not have surprised anyone.  It will happen again.

Those of you who are mindlessly encouraging Trump’s impeachment, have you thought about how his supporters will react if you successfully force him out of office?  Do you think his supporters will allow a coup by a radicalized portion of the populace take place?  In regards to the violence that you are perpetuating on Trump supporters, have you ever considered how many Trump supporters are gun owners?  Do you have any concept of the restraint that has been used by those people?  The fact that nobody from Antifa has been shot in retaliation for violence is a testament to the character of most Trump supporters.

Have any of you in all of the Leftist categories I mentioned above ever thought to consider that you might be the targets of manipulation?  Have you ever considered that a civil war is exactly what some powerful (and very bad) people want?