“He didn’t even know he was shot.”

Hollywood has created a lot of extremely annoying falsehoods when it comes to firearms.  One of the most annoying is the way suppressors are portrayed (They’re not “silencers”!).  In the movies, you hear a “pew” instead of the muted “crack” that one hears from a suppressed pistol in real life.  Another falsehood is the absurd idea that when someone is shot with a pistol, they go flying backward and then collapse on the ground dead.  Isaac Newton must roll over in his grave every time.

A standard 9mm bullet is anywhere from 115 grains to 147 grains.  For reference, a 147 grain 9mm bullet is 9.5 grams in weight.  A reasonably hot 9mm cartridge results in a bullet speed of approximately 1000 feet per second.  Newton stated that Energy = Mass X Acceleration.  When a real person is shot with real handgun bullets, they typically don’t move at all when they’re hit.  Once they make the realization that they’re shot, they tend to go into flight/fight mode and run like hell until they either get help or become incapacitated from blood loss and pain.

Why do I mention all of this.  For starters, it’s to help you understand that the words of a man who saw Seth Rich shortly after he was shot are not unreasonable.

“He didn’t even know he was shot”.  Says a neighbor of Seth Rich who saw him escorted by police officers, walking under his own power.

Now, the fact that Seth didn’t realize he was shot tells me that he was likely shot by a small caliber bullet, possibly .22LR.  These are the little rifle rounds that your dad’s little varmit rifle shot.  They have a bullet weight of 30-40 grains and move around 1500 fps.  They absolutely can be a lethal round but excellent shot placement is required for death or incapacitation to occur.

So why did Seth Rich die if he was shot and in so little pain he didn’t know he was shot?   While this anonymous post by the alleged surgeon who operated on Rich is not confirmed, it certainly fits in with what Seth’s neighbor is stating.