Sunday jottings…

Don’t have a lot of time for posting today but wanted to mention a few things I’m seeing and a few things I’m hearing about the Comey testiomy.

It’s been interesting watching the talking heads on the news “analyzing” the Comey testimony.  You have actual legal scholars like Alan Dershowitz (who does not like Trump) stating that Comey’s testimony completely vindicates Trump.   There has even been some rare moments of clarity for people like Chris Matthews, who declared that Comey’s testimony destroys the Trump/Russia narrative.   I say this genuinely, good on you, Chris.  The Fake News Media has been pushing the Trump/Russia narrative for six months.  In that time, we have not seen a shred of evidence other than anonymous sources or that old “It’s widely known” lead in to a supposed “fact”.  Comey even called out the New York Times for publishing a false article.   The Fake News Media has destroyed itself by reporting propaganda and not news.  Sadly, Chris Matthews is in the minority.  After deceiving the American people for six months on this subject and then having that narrative destroyed last week, the response by most media outlets is to double down on this story.

I hate sending him the traffic, but this video is so fucking funny I can’t resist.  Listen to this lunatic engage in hyperbole and the literal creation of facts out of thin air:

We could talk about just this subject for days.  But I think some of the more subtle items deserve attention.  Specifically:

-We also learned that Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to not call the Clinton Email Investigation an “investigation”.

-We learned that President Trump has stated that he is “100% willing to speak under oath to refute Comey’s claims”.  This is unprecedented for a sitting President to make this offer.  It would be very, very easy to simply move along now that the Russian collusion narrative has been destroyed.  Many conclusions to draw from Trump’s statement and none of them are good for Comey or his handlers.

-We learned that Comey leaked classified material through a surrogate.  The legality of such is gray right now, at least for me.  I’ve talked with two ex-FBI agents who both agreed that it was wildly inappropriate and likely illegal for Comey to do this.  However, in my research online I’ve seen some legal experts state that Comey is probably not vulnerable on leaking his own memo.   It’s also worth noting that Trump has the discretion to retroactively classify that memo, and put Comey in jail for leaking classified material.  As crazy as that sounds, the Obama Administration did so and at least one journalist is in jail right now for that very reason.

But the most important thing we learned She is now requesting that the Senate Judiciary Committee investigate ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch is that establishment Republicans and Democrats are starting to get interested in going after Loretta Lynch and by proxy, Hillary Clinton.  Dianne Feinstein is one of the most powerful Senators in Congress.  for instructing Comey to mislead the public on the Clinton email investigation.   This is an enormous development.  There is also talk of other establishment senators becoming interested in investigating.

This also connects to the subpoenas that were quietly released last week for Ex-Obama intelligence heads: John Brennan, Susan Rice and UN Ambassador Samantha Power.  This is in regards to Barack Obama using his intelligence agencies to spy and unmask for political purposes.  This is an activity that Comey was right in the middle of:

Did James Comey Cover Up A Massive and Illegal FBI-CIA Spying Operation?

And this all leads to my earlier mention of “what I’m hearing”.  I was told by a source that I trust that there has been discussion of a deal between Trump and the Deep State where Hillary Clinton is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb.   The basics of the deal are that Trump will get what he wants, specifically putting Hillary Clinton in jail.  However, she will only go to jail for “pay to play”.  The drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, gun running to terrorists and organ trafficking will be kept quiet in exchange for putting Hillary in prison.

I want to be clear, my source only spoke of this being in discussion.  It is not a prediction and should not be interpreted as one.  However, there is an enormous amount of evidence in the public sphere now and it would be difficult for no one to go to prison without part of the populace raising bloody hell.  The fact that we’re seeing Diane Feinstein talk about an investigation into Loretta Lynch instead of desperately trying to portray Comey’s testimony as somehow being bad for Trump (as many small-time Democrat congressmen are) is a very good sign that this “deal” may actually be in negotiation.  At some point the pressure will get too high, the evidence too overwhelming and the deep state will be forced to make a compromise.  We may be reaching that point.