We’ll get to Comey in a bit…

Let’s start with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and NSA Director, Admiral Mike Rogers.

Both men were questioned today by the Senate Intelligence Committee and they had plenty of interesting things to say.  Both men were asked if they have ever been pressured by the Trump Administration to downplay the Russian(!!!) investigation.

Coats: “In my time of service in interacting with the President of the United States, or anybody in his administration, I have never been pressured, I have never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping intelligence in a political way or in relationship to an ongoing investigation.”

Rogers stated the same, that he had never been directed nor pressured to do anything illegal or unethical.

However…  Coates made a perfectly normal statement, one that many intelligence heads have made, including Comey who stated this approximately one thousand times a couple of months ago.  Specifically Coates stated in response to questions about his personal talks with Trump that he would not further discuss “confidential” discussions that he has had with the President in a public setting.   Pretty innocuous, right?

Looking at all of this information, what would you say is the important part?  Now guess what the Fake News Media focused on.


The Hill:


On to Comey.  For starters, CNN was dead wrong on their “inside info” unsurprisingly.  Secondly, the Left’s Russian narrative was destroyed.

Case in point:

-We learned that Trump is not under personal investigation by the FBI.

We learned that Trump did not pressure Comey to kill the Russian Campaign Collusion Investigation.

Here’s the full text of Comey’s statement.  The FNM is undoubtedly going to focus on certain passages.  Trump makes some pleading statements, but nothing remotely illegal and certainly nothing that’s an impeachable offense.  What can be clearly inferred from Comey’s statement is that Trump’s frustration and reason for using language I would call inappropriate is that Trump was told he was not under investigation, but Comey refused to tell the American people this fact.

Today’s testimony completely obliterated the Trump/Russia narrative.  But I fully expect the FNM to focus on nothing but Trump’s alleged (remember, we’re taking Comey at his word here) statements that seem to urge Comey to get the investigation over with and to be “loyal”.  It’s important to note that these words were allegedly stated without an implied consequence.

Many right-leaning publications are assuming that Trump eventually fired Comey out of anger because Comey refused to tell the public that Trump was not under investigation.  This is both a reasonable conclusion to draw and it’s a reasonable reason for a sitting President to fire the head of the FBI.  However, this is not why Comey was fired.  Do not forget the fact that Comey was fired while he was out of town and not in his office.  Also keep in mind that Comey’s firing was one of the only major actions by this President that was not leaked to the Fake News Media in advance by one of the little vipers on his staff.  Trump and Sessions played this very carefully and quietly so that Comey’s office could immediately be raided for evidence.

Bottom line, there was no way in hell that Comey was going to lie and throw Trump under the bus today.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  In a sane world, this will be the end of the Russia/Trump story.  But we live in a country where around 40% have lost their goddamn minds.  Besides, how many people out of that 40% do you think will actually bother to read the actual transcript of Comey’s statements?