That’s the current estimate as to the number of Federal documents that are classified.  This is allegedly a government that is of the people, for the people, and by the people.  

And so when a silly girl clumsily leaks classified documents not in an effort to help the citizens of the United States, but rather to hurt a politician she doesn’t like, I can’t condemn it.

She’s a crazy bitch who legally changed her name to “Reality Winner” (No, I am not kidding) leaked NSA documents to The Intercept, which handled them in an equally clumsy fashion with the result of “Winner” getting pinched by the Feds.

This is a young girl who worked for the Federal government with a Top Secret security clearance, who spent her time posting to social media sites about how Donald Trump is an “orange fascist” and how “Being White is Terrorism”  (She’s white btw).  She’s a big Bernie backer which makes her hatred of Trump rather curious, as one would think her anger would be pointed at Hillary Clinton for stealing the Primary.  But, whatever.

Despite all this, despite the fact that this entire thing is fishy as hell for numerous reasons, I can’t be all that angry because the more data that gets into the public sphere, the better.  We know far too little about a government that is supposed to serve us.  We have to stick up for the people that give us information about that government, even when that person is some idiot kid.