What I fear is coming…

But first, a quick prefix..  We have H.A. Goodman, a Bernie supporter losing his patience again today on the fools believing in the Trump/Russia hysteria.  Bonus, he lists all of the high ranking Dems and IA heads that have admitted that there’s nothing to support the claim:

Long-time Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman seems to agree:

So, despite all the items H.A. listed in his video, the Sherman quote and all the other information I’ve posted, I’m hearing rumblings that the deep state is still going to try to impeach Trump.  Jot this down for future reference, I’m going to either look stupid (but I’ll be happy), or very well informed (but sad).

  1. Impeachment proceedings start.  They lead with a representative from Crowd Strike, the only entity who was allowed to touch the DNC’s servers (Remember, the FBI has never even touched them).  They’re the ones who stated that Russia hacked the servers then later backed off the claim.  They’ve also been wrong on a lot of other stuff.  So they get up in front of Congress and talk about all the wonderful work they’ve done and how awful hacking is and how people get hurt by hacking, people like Hillary Clinton.
  2. Then Guccifer 1.0 is brought in to testify.  He claims that he took part in some of the early hacks on behalf of the Russian government and Donald Trump.
  3. Then Guccifer 2.0 is brought in to testify.  More of the same, this time to not only implicate Trump, but to make sure that all of the leaks by Seth Rich and Eric Braverman and at least one more unnamed person within the DNC are attributed to himself.  He needs to be the sin eater so that people aren’t asking about Seth Rich or Eric Braverman or the Awan brothers who hacked half of Congress to obtain material that HRC/Podesta/and company could lean on those members of Congress to support the Russian hacking meme.
  4. Then they bring in Kimdotcom.  He backtracks on his claims of Seth Rich being the leaker because he has cut a deal with Andrew McCabe, the acting and utterly corrupt Director of the FBI.  Kimdotcom goes on to say that he knows for a fact that Trump worked with the Russian government to steal the election.
  5. Andrew McCabe then testifies.  He shakes his head and says “Golly, this sounds pretty bad.  As much as it pains me, I think we need to impeach the President.
  6. The heavy hitters who are sexually compromised by the intelligence agencies (John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Lindsay Graham, etc) then begin the pile on.  “This was an assault on our democratic institutions by Mr. Trump” blah blah blah.

Now, I am not saying that Kimdotcom has flipped and made a deal with Andrew McCabe.  But I’m told they are trying to flip him.  This is the “school play” that “they” want to act out.  And if you don’t think they’re willing to go to these lengths, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet.  Trump refusing to bury the United States with the Paris Climate Accords the way other Western leaders are happily burying their own countries under the phony guise of saving the planet was interpreted by this crowd as a direct shot across the bow.

There are some good people working to stop this.  Let’s hope they succeed.