Watch the reaction..

..of the Left, of Hollywood, of the Fake News Media and of the Vatican.  Hell, watch the reaction of one of Trump’s own cabinet members.  When these people are unhappy, that means good things for the people of this country.  When these people are losing their minds, it means very good things for the people of this country.  I’m seeing lots of hysteria and very little in the way of facts or logic.

They’re all losing their collective (and possibly literal) shit over Trump leaving the Paris Climate Agreement.  Democrat politicians know better, as does the Vatican, but for their constituents and Hollywood this can be broken down as:

-Paris Climate Agreement, eh?  This thing must be good for the environment.

-Trump withdrew from it.  He must be against protecting the environment.

It’s as simplistic as that.  None of them have ever read the details of the agreement.  Plus Trump ran under the Republican banner (forget the fact that he’s obviously not a Republican) and Republicans want to destroy the environment, so now their righteous rage can flow.  But here’s the deal:  The Paris Climate Agreement is much like past globalist climate agreements, this is not about reducing pollution.  This is about shifting economic productivity.

Example:  Pretend that America did enter into the Paris Climate Agreement.  Company “A” was planning on opening a clean coal plant in Gary, Indiana.  This coal plant would generate millions of dollars of wealth for an impoverished area and provide approximately 1000 new jobs.  However, the Paris Climate Agreement forbids the U.S. from opening additional clean coal plants.  Company “A” really wants to expand their business, however so they open that coal plant down in Mexico and sell the electricity to the United States.  So what is our net result?  The pollution created is actually increased because Mexico has less stringent environmental standards than the U.S.  1000 jobs don’t get created in Gary, Indiana and millions of dollars in wealth are created for Mexico.  In addition, the U.S.’ trade deficit increases.

This is how these agreements work.  They do NOTHING to curb emissions (quite the opposite actually), they only serve to weaken the American economy.

And besides, globalists don’t genuinely care about the environment.  If they did, they’d be encouraging nationalist trade deals because buying local is a more green practice than almost anything else a country can do.  There are 90 thousand active cargo ships that handle global shipping.  The most common type is the Maersk cargo vessel and it emits 50,000,000 times more pollution per year than a car.  Buying domestic dramatically reduces carbon emissions.