The whole Kathy Griffin thing…

On the off chance you’re not aware, Kathy Griffin posted a photo of her holding a mockup of Donald Trump’s severed head, a la an ISIS execution.  Predictably the internet went insane.  Kathy was fired from CNN.  Later that day,

Kathy apologized and took the photo down.

Maybe I’m going soft, maybe I just need to focus my nearly inexhaustible supply of anger for more important things, but I just can’t get too pissed about this.  It’s disgusting, it’s utterly unpatriotic and it’s another example of a Liberal failing to use their words when consumed by impotent rage.  What concerns me most is that stunts like this are fuel for the little wind up toys waiting for an excuse to try to assassinate our President.

Maybe my radar is off and Kathy didn’t mean it, but her apology seemed sincere to me.  I’m weary of the scalp hunting trend started by the Left where whenever someone says or does something deemed inappropriate, they must be destroyed.  Predictably, conservatives, libertarians and moderates have followed suit in response, which I suppose is only natural.

But frankly, we’re better than them.  And while Griffin deserves some heat for what she did, she did sincerely (at least to my eyes) apologize and for me, that puts an end to it.