So the DNC is being sued…

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while.  There has been a total blackout by the Fake News Media in covering this story, despite the fact that this is the biggest lawsuit against a political committee in American History.

The DNC sabotaged Bernie Sanders.  They funneled money meant for him to Hillary Clinton.  They allegedly went so far as to create phony polling stations to collect extra votes for Hillary and discard the Bernie votes which would explain why turnout was unexpectedly low in many of the primaries.  They subverted Democracy.  

Now they’re being sued and leading the charge is Jared and Elizabeth Beck.  They’ve filed suit against the DNC and at the time, disgraced chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  The court case is taking place right in Schultz backyard in Florida where she’s a member of the U.S. Congress.  Here’s a good article from a couple of weeks ago detailing the difficulties that the Becks have had in just trying to get a FNM outlet to cover the story:

The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear – Caitlin Johnstone

But this story is far darker than massive political and media corruption.  Shawn Lucas, the Bernie supporter and man who served the DNC with the lawsuit was found dead one month later.  He allegedly died of a combination of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine and mitragynine.  Fentanyl is an extraordinarily powerful opiate and one typically only used by the hardcore opiate abuser.  That’s the kind of abuse that’s impossible to hide from one’s family and friends and yet Shawn’s girlfriend and his family deny any knowledge of his drug use.  Could they be in denial?  Sure.  But it bears mentioning that fentanyl is oft-used by the CIA for interrogation with more added if they’re “done” with the subject once the interrogation is over.

Seth Rich, a confirmed Bernie Sanders supporter allegedly snapped and likely began leaking to WikiLeaks when he discovered the corruption within the DNC.  Of course, Seth was murdered and all circumstantial evidence points to someone within the DNC as the person who ordered his execution.

Last Friday, a Federal Prosecutor named Beranton Whisenant was bludgeoned to death and his body washed up on the shore of a Hollywood, Florida beach.  He was investigating DNC voter fraud as well as passport and immigration visa fraud (This ties closely to the Clintons).  He was wearing a three piece suit and just like the Seth Rich case, all of his personal effects were on him.  In other words, the motive was not robbery.   This occurred in the very same district that Debbie Wasserman Schultz represents in Congress.  She has made no public mention of Whisenant’s death, not even condolences.

The Becks have stated that both Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich would have been witnesses for the plaintiff in this case, if they were alive.

DNC Lawsuit Exposes Corruption, Data Breaches, Raises Questions About Death Of Shawn Lucas & Seth Rich – ZeroHedge


More on Seth Rich later tonight.