Connecting the dots…

George Webb has done incredible work the past three days in connecting the dots between the many crimes of the Clinton family.  This includes the death of Seth Rich.

But there’s news on another one of those crimes, another story that the FNM desperately wants to disappear:  The Awan Brothers.   I believe at some point down the road, it will come out that Anthony Weiner is not some bumbling pervert and pedophile.  I believe history will show him to be an asset for another government and that he had a hand in directing the Awan brothers to “dope” blackberries that were used by Congressional members.

If you recall, the Awan Brothers story first broke shortly after the election.  I believe they were caught because they were aggressively gathering blackmail data through the backdoors they created in their devices to have leverage over Democrats when the “Russian Hacking” meme was pushed.  The leverage would be used to make sure that when it was their turn at the podium, they would eagerly point the finger at Trump and Russia as to the means of the DNC data reaching the public.

The Awan Brothers story is the biggest espionage story in the history of the United States.  We’re talking as many as 80 congressmen and senators were hacked.  The fact that the FNM wants nothing to do with this story should tell you something.

Now one of the staffers related to the leaks has fled to Pakistan.