Why Trump’s “savage budget”….

….doesn’t go far enough.

Trump released his proposed budget last week and it was promptly and predictably skewered by the Fake News Media and Liberals everywhere because *gasp*, there are significant cuts to the bureaucracy.  I would argue that he didn’t go nearly far enough.  I’ll get to the specifics as to why in a moment, but there’s a big, philosophical reason why this budget needs to be even smaller:

We live in a time of enormous economic danger.  Anyone who actively invests their money knows this.  They see just how close we are to a situation not unlike Venezuela. 

We have financed our economic growth with the conquest/debt model.  Print money and always take the opportunity to act as a military aggressor.

That model cannot continue.  Liberals believe it can because they’re ignorant to the point of not knowing or caring about how we got here. 

Even most conservatives don’t realize just how close we are to the abyss.

As a nation, we lack perspective.  We lack seriousness.  We lack humility.

We need to take serious action to solve a serious problem.  Liberals of course listen to their politicians, all of which want them to believe that this model really can go on forever, where 30% of the population is supporting the other 70%.  Just for some numbers to reference and some much needed sanity, the New York Post has a nice article on the reasonable nature of this budget.

I would cut much more than Trump is planning.  I wouldn’t prioritize Medicare/Medicaid for cuts, but I would prioritize the military.  “No bid” contracts would be outlawed via Executive Order.  

Change welfare, don’t eliminate it.  All existing welfare programs should be modified to coincide with the goal of lifting people out of poverty by preparing them for employment.  That won’t work right now, because President Fuckhead made sure that the economy never recovered during his time in office.  There’s no jobs because the current economic and tax environment is prohibitive to small businesses.  That’s why this change can only happen with…..

….Tax Reform. This plan only really works with tax reform.  The tax code needs to be dramatically simplified.  Rates need to be lowered across the board along with loopholes closed for the super rich.  Not the 1% for you ignorant Liberal, twits.  I’m talking the 1% of the 1% that pay almost no taxes.  The 1% in general pay a shitload of taxes.  Tax loopholes also need to be eliminated for “international corporations” that aren’t really international for any other sake than avoiding American corporate taxes.  Many of our largest American businesses pay nothing in corporate taxes.  The baseline corporate tax can then be lowered across the board dramatically, actually allowing small businesses a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding, something that was impossible under President Fuckhead.   Do this and the jobs come roaring back.

The Federal Bureaucracy must be hacked apart with a goddamn machete.  Eliminate DHS.  Combine NSA and the FBI.  Every single Federal agency should be subject to elimination or merging with another agency unless it can show a clear value to the American people.  If the agency is needed, waste must be slashed at every level, in every department of every agency.    Bring in private sector businesses to streamline federal agencies and then monitor them for waste and fraud.   Eliminate Federal Unions so that bad, underperforming employees are fired.  You don’t get to dick around all day on the public dime.

If this kind of tax reform is undertaken along with removing outlawing “no bid” contracts in the military, the budget is balanced and then some even without other budget cuts.  But do the rest of it, and America goes on a streak of economic prosperity for the entire population like we’ve never seen before.

The current system doesn’t work for the Average American.  We create enormous wealth in this country and yet most people are just barely getting by.  That’s because our politicians have organized the government and the economy to suck all of that wealth out for their own personal benefit.  Now, one could make the argument that we should be happy that Trump is asking for significant cuts.  After all, if an establishment Republican was in the White House, we would not see any spending cuts at all.  NeoCons love to spend money just as much as Liberals and NeoLibs.  But to me, that’s all the more reason why Trump has to go big.  This country is loaded with stupid people.  4 years from now, we could have an establishment Republican in the White House or even worse, an establishment Democrat.  We will never see meaningful cuts under either regime.

But under a real President we can move mountains.  But he can’t do it alone.  The Republicans in Congress will not support Trump’s budget unless we pressure the hell out of them to do so.  Remember, those bloated budgets and the graft that comes with them is how they build and maintain power.  Starve the beast and he stops terrorizing the villagers.