Some perspective on Seth Rich…

A video has leaked of Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempting to intimidate a Police Chief into giving back a laptop that is part of the ongoing Awan Brothers investigation.

If you’re not familiar with the Awan Brothers, please check out George Webb’s series on YouTube.  These men worked for dozens of Democrats in Congress for years while stealing classified data and “doping” Blackberry’s to steal their contents.  This story goes VERY deep and is likely the biggest espionage case in American history.  That may seem like hyperbole but you’ll understand that it is not once you’ve watched Webb’s series on the subject.

Back to the video.  Schultz is desperate to get this laptop back from the police and goes so far as to threaten him if he doesn’t release it:

Caught On Tape: Wasserman Schultz Threatens Police Chief For Investigating Her IT Staff’s Crimes – ZeroHedge

Video at the top of the article at the Daily Caller.

The reason I mention Seth Rich is this video is just one example of the kind of intimidation that the DNC is capable of when there’s danger of their criminal activity being discovered.