A final thought tonight…

The NSA knows whether KimDotCom is telling the truth about Seth Rich.  At any time during this process, they could have weighed in.

That being said, Kim is telling the truth.  Mega Upload never died, only the storefront.  I would encourage all of you to look at the enormous, cutting edge infrastructure Kim built with it.  You don’t build that kind of apparatus so that some kid can stream Dr. Strange a week before it releases on Bluray.  Mega Upload still exists and it’s the perfect infrastructure for securely and privately connecting via an encrypted, tunneled connection via tokened ip, and then dumping a shitload of incredibly sensitive data.  There’s a reason Kim and Assange are friends.

I cannot emphasize this last point enough:

No matter what your politics are, no matter who you voted for, the reality of the situation is that it’s Trump vs. the entire evil shit-monster that has taken over our country and our world.  This isn’t RNC vs. DNC, not Republicans vs. Democrats, not any of that shit.  This is about our future and whether we’re going to live in a country that’s human or inhuman.  Those are the stakes.  Nearly everyone in Trump’s cabinet is loyal to the monster, not to Trump.  That’s how isolated he is.

And that’s why it’s so important that the country sees the terrible, soul-crushing nature of that evil shit-monster.  That monster operates out of the DNC but it operates out of the RNC too.  It operates at every level of our intelligence agencies and our government.  It operates in the high levels of our businesses.  That monster has only taken up permanent residence within the DNC because their constituents were the easiest to fool.

If you want to defeat an enemy, you’d better know who he/it is.  It’s not “Democrats” or “Republicans”.