Seth Rich and the death of common sense..

Shawn Hannity has been pressured by large Liberal groups (who are putting pressure on his advertisers) to drop the Seth Rich story for the time being.  The usual pieces of shit who have sold their soul are screaming “conspiracy theory!” at the top of their lungs in the NY Times, WashPo and CNN.  Have you ever heard of a “conspiracy theory” that involves a primary witness that publicly states that they’re willing to travel to the U.S. and provide testimony under oath?  Me neither.

One can’t help but wonder if the Manchester bombing was a distraction.  I have no proof, just a gut feeling.  #SethRich had been trending on google and twitter and that promptly stopped after the Manchester slaughter.  If you think it’s beyond these people to engineer a distraction of this magnitude, you’re a fool.

And while I have no proof beyond gut feeling, there’s one thing I can tell you that is absolutely true. A guy like Salman Abedi learns how to create IED’s of this magnitude from one of two places and two places only:
-A terrorist training camp
-The CIA.

Now, on to the important part of this post.

So I’d ask you or the people in your life that you forward this to, to clear your mind of politics.  Focus on your own inherent knowledge of problem solving and human behavior.
If a co-worker of yours was murdered tomorrow under mysterious circumstances, how would your company respond?  They would probably:
-Start a tip line
-Hire a private investigator
-They’d offer a reward
-They’d post a billboard

How much did the DNC offer as a reward for information leading to the arrest of Seth Rich’s killer(s)?  If you’re in doubt about why Seth rich was murdered and you believe this to be a “conspiracy theory” like a good little robot because CNN told you so, then please minimize this browser window, load up a new one and start Googling.  Take your time, I’ll wait.

Oh, you found nothing?  Golly.  Maybe the DNC can’t afford to provide a reward?  After all, donations are down significantly because at least part of their supporters realize that the DNC is run by murderous thugs.

Now let’s do this again.  SURELY the DNC has a link or a website where you can send in tips on Seth Rich’s murder, right?  Go ahead and search again, I’ll wait.
Oh, you found nothing again.  So if I have a tip about the murder of Seth Rich, a key DNC employee, I have nobody that I can contact?  It’s almost as if the DNC doesn’t want this murder solved….

Let’s take the DNC out of the picture.  If a co-worker of yours was brutally and mysteriously murdered and you work for a horrible company (like the DNC) that didn’t do much to find his murderer, wouldn’t you and your co-workers pool a little money together and put up a bill board ad right on the block where your co-worker was murdered?

They didn’t even ask the public for help in finding or identifying the killer.

The DNC has done absolutely NOTHING to find Seth Rich’s killer.  And now, they’re trying to tell people to stop talking about the murder.  And can you think of a murder where the family was telling people to stop investigating the murder?  I wonder if the pressure being applied to the Rich family by John Podesta still has a friendly veneer, or if he’s in full on intimidation mode by now.

Don’t let some “journalist” hack tell you how to think when he or she doesn’t offer any logical rationale.  Use your common sense.  The DNC doesn’t want Seth Rich’s murder solved.  Why?