Antifa is upset.  And so Buzzfeed is upset.

Trump Supporters Have Built A Document With The Addresses And Phone Numbers Of Thousands Of Anti-Trump Activists – BuzzFeed

I won’t call Antifa members “domestic terrorists”.  I won’t use that term, especially after how fond the Obama Administration and his surrogates were of accusing anyone who was critical of them as being potential “domestic terrorists”.  But these members of Antifa are criminals.

They’ve had free reign to do whatever they want, and as long as they’re in the “right” city, the police won’t even attempt to stop them from committing crimes, let alone arrest them.

I don’t believe in government surveillance, but neighbors should know who they’re living next to and keep an eye on them when the people in question have proven themselves to be criminals.

So Antifa, cry your fucking eyes out, nobody gives a shit.  You’ve engaged in violence, mayhem, assault and destruction of property.  But worse, you’ve become a bitterly ironic cautionary tale to other political groups that risk becoming the very thing they profess to hate.