Another terrorist attack.

This time in Manchester, England:

19 Killed in ‘Appalling Suicide Attack’ After Ariana Grande Concert in U.K.

Entirely, utterly, completely avoidable.

The response will be the usual pathetic British response to terrorism:


-Candle light vigils

-Lots of empty words by politicians

-No plan to stop the next attack.  Rinse and repeat.

But what do you expect of a populace that gave up their right to defend themselves, willingly allows cameras on every street corner and who willingly gave up their sovereignty to join the Euro?  The Muslim mayor of London informed the city that terrorism is something they just need to learn to live with and their wasn’t an angry response by the citizens.

Perhaps this photo sums it all up (this is real):

Ignorance is strength.  Inaction is noble.  To be callow is to be British.