The Seth Rich Story Heats Up Again..

A lot to go over in this post.  But considering the enormous importance of this young man’s death, we need to cover it in detail.

I’ll start by asking why there is zero interest in this story by the Fake News Media and by Liberals in general.  One of their own died!  Why is there no interest in getting justice for this young man?

Let’s also remember that unlike the Trump/Russia accusations, there is actually evidence of a crime in the case of Seth Rich.   Something that’s lacking in the endless number of pages, hours and clicks devoted to #TrumpRussiaHysteria.  The man died, his body is in the morgue or buried.

And lastly, before we get to the articles, if Seth Rich indeed was the man who leaked the DNC/Podesta data to WikiLeaks, the entire #TrumpRussiaHysteria disintegrates.

Let’s start with new developments since my last post on this subject.

This morning, someone edited Seth Rich’s Reddit Posts.  Why is this important?  Well, Seth left a lengthy digital trail.  In this trail, a few things about Seth became very clear:  1. He was very patriotic.  2. He was a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders.  3. He despised Hillary Clinton for being a NeoLiberal, a liar and a criminal.  These facts are very important because in light of his beliefs and his insider view of the DNC stealing the Presidential Nomination from Bernie, this gives Seth a very strong motive to leak the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton to WikiLeaks.

Fortunately, someone archived Seth’s original Reddit posts.  There are several edits, many of which change the tone and meaning of his words in a subtle fashion.  This in itself is obviously not evidence.  We do not know who edited Seth’s posts, but it is highly suspicious.

Let’s also not forget that the person (Ex-British Ambassador Craig Murray) who actually handed the data drive containing the leaked DNC data to Julian Assange has publically stated that his sources for the data were “Disgusted members of her[Clinton] own Democratic Party”.

Now the big stuff:

Kimdotcom stated this weekend that Seth Rich was indeed the source for WikiLeaks, and he knows this because he (Kim) was directly involved in the data transfer process.  This is a real person making a claim and putting their name to it.  This is more evidence all on its own than any #TrumpRussiaHysteria claims.  He is conferring with his lawyers tomorrow and will be making an official statement this Tuesday:

Predictably, CNN/WashPo/Etc are all literally screaming at their readers:  “Fake news fake news LA LA LA LA LA Don’t listen to him Don’t listen to him LA LA LA LA  Conspiracy theory Conspiracy theory LA LA LA LA”

Kimdotcom is an acknowledged close friend of Julian Assange.  There’s literally no logical reason whatsoever for one to dismiss Kimdotcom’s claims out of hand.  But expect this chorus to become deafening over the next several days.  The stakes are enormous.

Another important item is the research that ex-intel agent, George Webb has been doing on Seth Rich for the past 4 days.  George travelled to Washington D.C. to interview individuals who came into contact with Rich on his last night alive.  Webb has laid out exactly what he believes happened to Rich and sadly, his end involved drugging and interrogation before being shot, taken to the hospital and being allowed to die.  Please save your incredulity until after you have watched Webb’s videos in order for the past 4 days.  Webb is still very plugged into the FBI and I have never heard him make a claim that didn’t wind up being 100% true.

Perhaps the most important element in establishing a motive for Seth Rich’s murder is to understand that he wasn’t murdered for what he did, he was murdered for who he was.  If Seth Rich is left alive, he can stand up in front of the Press and state “I was the man who leaked the DNC data to WikiLeaks.”   The Russian accusations then disappear, the DNC takes an enormous public relations hit along with all the politicians pushing this lie and tensions between America and Russia immediately cool off.

Keep watching this and keep persuading the Liberals in your life to set their politics aside and focus on the facts.