The weaponization of the government..

..remember when we were told that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism“?  Yeah, me neither.

IRS “finds” 6,924 documents related to Tea Party targeting two years after the FOIA request – Judicial Watch

However, the IRS says it “needs time” to search through the documents to make sure sensitive information isn’t being released.  Let’s not forget what this scandal involved:

-Hundreds of conservative/Constitutional/libertarian/liberty 501c groups were targeted.

-These groups were all critical of the Obama Administration

-Conservative activists and businesses

-Even after the scandal was exposed, the IRS continued to harass these groups.

10% of the people and businesses that donated to the Tea Party were audited by the IRS.  That is 10 TIMES the normal audit rate.

100% of the 501(c) groups audited by the IRS were conservative(!!!).

So to all the people out there that style themselves as members of “the resistance” or “Antifa”, fuck you and fuck off.