I am reminded of a time…

…all the way back in 2012.  A fresh-faced Neocon with a history of banking and money laundering for narco-traffickers was challenging a hip, young black guy designed from the ground up to sell us on the 25 trillion transfer of wealth (more affectionately known as the bank bailouts) back in 2008.

Mitt Romney was asked what the biggest geopolitical threat was to the United States and his answer was:  Russia.

He was then brow-beaten and chided mercilessly (and rightly so) by Barack Obama for such a ridiculous antiquated opinion.  It’s almost as if the entire “Trump! Russia! Impeach!” meme is nothing more than a distraction originally hatched by the Clinton campaign to distract the voters from their crimes revealed in the WikiLeaks document dumps, and instead it wound up catching fire with the millions of imbeciles who didn’t want to accept that Trump was President and as a result, it’s 2017 and we’re in the middle of a red scare that would make Joseph McCarthy blush.