Seth Rich… the story changes once again.

The private investigator hired by Seth Rich’s family, Wheeler has suddenly backtracked on his claims of contact between Seth Rich (prior to his death of course) and WikiLeaks.  This despite Julian Assange linking to the story on the official WL twitter feed.  Those of you familiar with Assange know that he would not do this in a cavalier manner.
Stranger still, the reporter at Fox News who covered the story, Malia Zimmerman stated that Wheeler was the original source and his claims were then corroborated directly by a federal investigator who spoke directly to Fox News.
So we now have an investigator whose inconsistencies make his claims subject to question.
So what do we know?  We know that Fox News has spoken with a Federal Investigator who confirmed Wheeler’s story.  However, considering we have seen a literal avalanche of explosive and hysterical claims by the media against Donald Trump with nothing more than anonymous sourcing, we can’t put much stock in Fox News’ claim regarding the unnamed Federal Investigator.  Wheeler’s about face puts his credibility in question.  We also know that WikiLeaks has taken a significant interest in Seth Rich.
What we need is for Julian Assange to confirm that Seth Rich was indeed the source of the DNC/Podesta email leaks.  That would clarify this crime immediately.
Rest in peace, Seth.  We have our suspicions but those are not enough to bring justice to those who had you murdered.  Hopefully we’ll have the evidence we need some day.