I realize Liberals have short memories…

But on May 3rd, James Comey testified before the Senate, under oath that the Trump Administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.

Comey Under Oath: Trump NEVER Pressured FBI to Halt Investigations “It’s Not Happened”

Every fucking time the Fake News Media releases some new “Bombshell” report on Trump drowning puppies or some other horrible act, a simple bit of research will reveal that the claim holds no water.  But yeah, we should impeach Trump because you simpletons are angry that the felon you didn’t even nominate lost.  Deal with the loss like every other losing party has every four years since 1789.  That means taking a good long look at why you lost (You’ve moved way too far Left, you played way too many identity politics, you allowed the DNC to nominate an evil goddamn woman), learn from it, articulate some new ideas.