All hell is about to break loose..

Cut through the noise because there’s going to be a lot of it.

Ex-National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration, Susan Rice is reportedly requesting an immunity deal for the multiple felonies she committed by unmasking and spying on politically prominent conservatives and libertarians during her time as NatSec Advisor.

The magnitude of this news cannot be overstated.

This is an enormous scandal and she is looking at serious time in jail for these acts now that James Comey is no longer around to protect her.  Susan rice and others in the Obama White House were vacuuming up every bit of intel they could find about the Trump team and politically prominent members of the media who were not friendly to a criminal like Hillary Clinton (Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, etc etc).

And as this story heats up, the Left is going to throw everything possible in your face to attempt to obfuscate, confuse and distract.

This has the makings of the largest political scandal in history.  The firing of Comey was a warning shot to Democrats, the Deep State and the swamp creatures in the Republican party.  She had her attorneys decline the request for her to testify to the Senate weeks back.  She stands accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on team Trump and then distributing that information to the fake news media.  The FBI has her dead to rights if Trump can find someone in the FBI with a shred of integrity to pursue the case.

Immunity is not going to be granted for nothing (the way Comey did with Hillary Clinton’s staff).  When you’re the National Security Advisor, there’s not many people above you on the org chart in the Administration, so she’s going to have to give up someone major in order to get immunity.  Some of those people:  Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama.  And so Democrats, the Deep State, the Fake News Media will be coming at this with a fury you have never seen before.

Susan Rice has a horrible history of lying straight into the camera.  She lied about Benghazi.  She lied about the unmasking and then when caught, showed no shame about it.  Eventually those lies catch up to you.  Just like they did with one of those people above her on the totem pole, Loretta Lynch who was caught stating that she would “do everything she could to protect Hillary Clinton”.  Does that sound like the impartial words of the highest ranking law-enforcement official in the country?

Let’s get down to brass tacks.  Here’s how she knows and everyone on Capital Hill knows that the FBI has her dead to rights.  This is a link to a video of Trey Gowdy grilling James Comey back in early March on the unmasking of team Trump and the leaking of that information to the fake news media.  Here’s the Cliff’s Notes in case you don’t have time to watch the entire video:

-Trey starts off very polite, asking Comey how he’s going to run his investigation into the unmasking and leaks because this is an extremely serious offense.  Comey as usual responds by dodging and weaving despite the simple nature of the questions.

-Trey asks him to back up then and asks if there’s anyone other than the NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DIY that would be able unmask these names.  Comey sidesteps.  Gowdy asks if the White House could do it.  Comey responds with a grudging yes.  Gowdy reminds him that this is a felony.  Then he asks Comey if the Director of the DIA (James Comey) could do it and once again, Comey grudgingly responds in the affirmative.  Gowdy asks who else?  Susan Rice?  Loretta Lynch?  Ben Rhodes? (At the time, we didn’t yet know it was Susan Rice).  Comey says “yes” to all three and then tries to do a bit more dodging.

-Finally Trey gets flustered and says that normally he doesn’t like to get into motive because it’s difficult to prove and it doesn’t really matter anyway (Contrary to what Comey claimed about HRC and her email server, intent doesn’t fucking matter with the law.).  But in this case Gowdy states, motive is important because can we agree that there’s only a small number of reasons that someone would feloniously release classified material when it was already in possession of an intelligence agency?  Comey responds with a “yes, well I guess”.  So Gowdy asks if there’s anything out there that a reporter would have that the NSA/CIA/FBI wouldn’t have?  Comey states that this scenario is admittedly very unlikely.  So Gowdy slides the blade into his belly: “Do you see where I’m going with this?  Now the possible motives have shrunk dramatically.  Because now we know it wasn’t disseminated to help intelligence or law enforcement because you guys already had it.”

This means that the intelligence agencies have been weaponized against United States Citizens for the purpose of politics.

Let that sink in.  They have her dead to rights as she has admitted that she did the unmasking.  So it should be very apparent as to why she’s wanting to play ball now with an immunity deal.

So moving forward, we’re going to see an avalanche of Trump/Russia, Trump/Impeachment, Trump/Mishandling classified data, etc etc etc.  All articles will be just like the hundreds written about Trump in the last 6 months:  All anonymous sources, no proof, big headlines with content that doesn’t support the headline one iota.

Remember how high the stakes are here.  We’re talking about Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  They are not going to go down without firing every single bullet in their magazine.

We’re only 115 days into this Presidency.  A Presidency that the Left and their army of mindslaves will never accept as President.  You must fight for this President.