A must-read on a quiet Patriot

George Webb is finally getting the attention he deserves.

George has quietly been posting 1 to 5 videos a day on YouTube for over 200 days as of this posting.  He has hit the road to find sources and interview people related to Hillary’s Rat Lines in the Middle East, human/child trafficking in Haiti, doped blackberry’s being handed out by Anthony Weiner, and much, much more.  This has been an open source investigation with hundreds of footnotes and sources, many supplied by independent researchers working off of George’s work.  People are starting to take notice.

An Accidental Journalist and His Historic Crowd-Sourced Investigation – Medium TTD

The Accidental Journalist: Part II — How To Catch A Spy – Medium TTD

The Accidental Journalist: Part III — The DynCorp Harvest – Medium TTD


George Webb will be on Tim Black’s show (Tim’s a rare honest progressive in the mold of H.A. Goodman) this Thursday.


Everyone should be watching George’s videos daily.