The big news of course… Comey’s firing yesterday.  I wanted to wait until I could gather some information that you probably won’t hear anywhere else before posting.  So we’ll break this down in bullet points:

-Anyone that’s upset about this firing for partisan reasons can fuck right off.  The number of Democrats who hated and alternately loved Comey at different times are nothing more than a shining example of how Liberals have no critical-thinking skills and no desire to truly understand what’s happening within the government.  Comey was bad news.  A Clinton loyalist who built his own informal network and power base within the FBI.  He protected Clinton at every turn and only wrote the “Comey Letter” because his hand was forced by agents within the Bureau and the NYPD.  The depth of his crimes is staggering and will hopefully enter the public sphere soon.

-Comey was fired in part due to his 2nd in command, Andrew McCabe (whom I’ve spoken of on here before) convinced the White House that Comey was building his own power base (which is true).  However, Comey was also fired because Comey frequently ignored the chain of command, making major decisions on an informal basis that included shutting down investigations on “protected targets.   I’m told he’s unpleasant and two different sources used the word “weird” to describe his general demeanor.  In addition, it was no secret to Trump that Comey was a Clinton loyalist.

-Comey’s office was raided yesterday morning when he was not present.

-Retired FBI, Field FBI and the Counter Intelligence group are now leaking to WikiLeaks like crazy.

-This is how McCabe has risen through the ranks, by undermining the man above him and by keeping the Clintons and their acolytes out of jail.

-Andrew McCabe may actually be more corrupt than James Comey.  This is a list of his more public crimes put together by TruePundit, but his crimes are far more extensive.  He was instrumental in covering for the Clintons with Hillary’s email server scandal as well as covering their monstrous behavior down in Haiti (to name just a couple).  He has also quashed the Awan Brothers investigation.

-Attorney General Jeff Sessions is looking to replace McCabe immediately.  Possible candidates are Trey Gowdy, Jason Chafettz and Chuck Grassley although I am told that Chafettz and Grassley are distant 2nd and 3rd place.

Make no mistake: Trump’s life is in serious danger with Andrew McCabe in charge of the FBI, no matter how short his tenure is.  McCabe is very close friends with Joe Clancy, the head of the Secret Service.  All it takes is for the SS to allow a few men to jump the White House fence (like what happened earlier this year) and it’s over.

-More on this as it develops, but a humorous (and pathetic) side note on this issue: bought and paid for shill Stephen Colbert announced the Comey firing on his alleged comedy show last night and the audience cheered.  Colbert promptly corrected the audience because… Trump?  No critical-thinking skills, no ideals and no principles.  Liberals just do as they’re told.