A reminder…

…that is also related to my “Just try to impeach him you fucking pussies” post.  A bit of sanity from the Never-Trump National Review in regards to the Trump/Russia investigation:

If you look at the available facts, instead of wild speculation, this is nonsense. As I detailed at length at the time, there is no such investigation: Comey’s own testimony in March demonstrated that he was pursuing a counterintelligence investigation, aimed at Russia – not a criminal investigation of Trump. That makes all the difference in how such an investigation would proceed (it is likely to be conducted in secret, without any endpoint, and without the goal of indicting anyone) as well as what inferences we should draw from its existence (counterintelligence probes don’t require anything resembling probable cause to believe that any American has committed a crime). Of course, such investigations sometimes spin off criminal investigations; it appears that the FBI is handing out subpoenas to business associates of deposed National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, after revelations of the extent to which he was on the payroll of Russian interests before the election, and Flynn as well as others like Carter Page or Paul Manafort may potentially face legal jeopardy for failure to comply with foreign-lobbyist-disclosure requirements and other disclosure and ethics rules. But while that would be embarrassing to Trump, it’s a very long way away from the sort of thing that “could bring down a president.”

But the propaganda wing of the NWO (the fake news media) isn’t interested in gathering the “available facts”.