Le Pen lost…

…but don’t fret.

I feel for the 35-40% of Francs who aren’t dumb as fucking rocks because the next five years are going to be hell.  But Macron has multiple scandals awaiting him before he even enters office.  More importantly, the EU has at best a decade left.  The Globalist pigs can no longer contain a populace that’s slowly waking up day by day.  France is in for some hard times in the short term, but they will eventually get out of the EU.   By the end of Macron’s five year term (assuming he is not impeached), the French will be begging for a candidate who isn’t a manufactured, Rothschild establishment puppet.  And by then, they’ll be fully ready to leave the EU.

UPDATE:  UGH.  We knew there would be massive voter fraud in the French election after double ballots were sent to rural France (Macron country) and many Le Pen ballots were sent out damaged (and unusable), but it’s worse than I would have expected.  Paris has experienced 6 deadly Islamic attacks and 238 deaths in the past 3 years.  And yet “somehow” Macron won 90% of the vote in Paris.

I will go on the record and predict violence in Paris’ future.  Millions will realize that their votes were not counted and with each future terror attack, the anger will build until it must be released.