I will preface this with a bit of caution.  While the Macron emails that were leaked do appear to be the genuine article so far, I cannot yet find corroboration of the story I’m about to post.  Also keep in mind that the lack of corroboration is not too surprising since the data is so new and is all in French.  This is enormous news if true so I will continue to update you on it.

Macron leaks contain secret plans of the Islamisation of France and Europe

The Macron leaks contain secret proposals that would lead to the islamisation of France and Europe. These are shown in a PowerPoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne. Harmonising education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean is one of the key objectives. 

Create a common history textbook with Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in historical perspective the mutual contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of the Mediterranean. 

Within the 3+3 framework, we recommend the creation of a commission of historians responsible for drawing up a common history textbook. The aim of this work will be: 

-to create a common base of objective historical knowledge founded on the logic of a historical “draw” [stalemate] 

– to develop a sense of belonging to a common history 

– to reduce the fantasies of victimisation on one side as well as civilisational superiority on the other

The document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This is justified by with the claim that Muslims are currently getting their “Arabic fix” from mosques, where they risk being radicalised. I previously noted that “soft islamisation” is being advocated as the remedy for “hard islamisation” and that this represents a kind of de facto reward being offered to jihad violence. Jihad gets results. It leads to societies being islamised, one way or the other.

This is what we are up against.  This is stage 2 of the plan to dominate the West.  The 1st was the “refugee crisis” that we created.  All we hear about is the women and children but 81% of the refugees are fighting age men, according to Interpol.

The French Government has made it a crime to discuss the Macron email link.  Regardless, this leak likely came too late.  The French, along with plenty of election fraud will result in Macron’s election.  But perhaps with the above knowledge (if true) will motivate the French people to make the next five years very uncomfortable for Macron.