It’s old news now…

…but I should mention something about it.

The House of Representatives repealed ObamaCare/The ACA yesterday.  The Senate will take the bill, make some changes, pass it then send it back over the fence to the House.

No opinion as of right now because I have not yet read the bill and I may not given that the Senate will be making changes.  But my guess is that it’s crap and it’s my guess that the Senate version will also be crap.  There’s almost as many Republicans who are owned in part by the health care companies as Democrats.  Consequently, there’s very little motivation on their part to put together a bill that genuinely helps people and lowers healthcare costs.

The Trump Administration has been handling this entire process poorly.  We’ve received no public guidance on what Trump wants out of a new healthcare bill and he seems to be more interested in just getting something passed rather than getting a genuinely good bill passed.