A curious case of timing..

Macron hit by huge email hack – Fox News

The hilarious thing is that the French fake news media is already blaming Russia.

Back on planet Earth, the timing of this hack is curious.  There’s too much data being released too late in the game for it to affect the outcome.  So that leaves two options as I see it:

-The leak was executed by a State power in an effort to pin the issue on Russia and revive the ridiculous Russian hacking/boogyman meme.

-This was a simple case of very poor timing by hackers.

If it’s the latter, it’s a shame because Macron is the same kind of CIA-Finishing School monster  as Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama.  He has literally been groomed his entire adult life to take the reigns of power and drive France right into the ditch.  The French are sadly, not unlike the Germans in that as a whole, they are a weak, callow people.  I expect Macron to win this Sunday.