Don’t fire Stephen Colbert for the awful shit he said about the President…

…fire him because he’s not funny.  Now, Liberals may disagree with me on that assertion.  However, they only think he’s funny because they’re pissed off and want to behave badly, and Colbert is telling them what they want to hear.

But let’s back up a sec.  In case you missed it, here’s what that little corporate shill had to say:

Colbert Responds to Backlash – Washington Post (Fake News Website)

So why do I say Colbert is not funny?  For starters, the tirade that has everyone up in arms was the millionth recycling of tired, old jokes.  The President is orange.  The President is carrying on a homosexual relationship with Vladimir Putin.  The President’s supporters are racist white supremacists.  Lazy, lazy comedy.

Look, Colbert is ostensibly a satirist.  The calls for him to be censored, fired, to have the FCC revoke the show’s license, etc, are wrong.  But I have zero sympathy for the Liberals everywhere who are now crying “censorship!” in response to conservative demands that Colbert be punished.  Fuck you and fuck off.  You created an atmosphere of censorship when dozens of politicians and universities have declared that “some speech” shouldn’t be protected.  Usually that speech amounts to reasoned arguments that you don’t agree with and subsequently label as “hate speech”.  Well snowflakes, hate speech is protected too.  YOU are the ones who have been trying to erode the 1st Amendment for years.  So while I don’t agree with these calls to punish Colbert, I really don’t give a shit about any discomfort or anger those calls are causing for the Left.  It’s fucking surreal to see the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s now demanding censorship of “unpopular” speech.

Back to Colbert.  There was a time where Colbert was actually pretty funny.  We’re talking pre-Obama Colbert.  He was reasonably witty, taking shots at both sides.  But then Barry Obama was elected, the great sacred cow of comedy and satire.  The Left has destroyed comedy in general, but that’s a post for another day.  The bottom line is that for Colbert and many other comedians, the edict of the day was “We must not make fun of the Black Liberal Jesus and we must destroy anyone who does”.  And so Colbert went from taking shots at both sides to “I won’t wash this hand for a year” after a handshake with Black Jesus.  He became part of the same crushing establishment that informed people are trying to destroy.  Hell, little Stevie was taking his marching orders from Hillary Clinton’s team during the campaign.  As soon as you’re refusing to go after someone or a group of someones as a satirist, you’re done.  At that point you’re just another political thug that only reaffirms the ignorant tribalism of their little constituency.

And not only does Colbert now have a blind spot for all things/people Liberal, the man is utterly obsessed with Trump.  I checked out Colbert’s Twitter feed to see how much flak he was getting for his lame comments and what I found looks like evidence used in a stalking trial.  He is utterly and completely obsessed with Donald J. Trump.  He is singularly fixated on saying one-liners about Trump on both his show and his Twitter feed.  But take a look, you’ll get a good chuckle.

Perhaps the saddest thing in all this is that the Left has gone so nuts that Bill Maher of all people is being forced to regularly chide his own side for their insanity.  Poor Bill.