Mr. President…

…don’t break up the 9th circuit court.

Exclusive interview: Trump ‘absolutely’ looking at breaking up 9th Circuit – Washington Examiner

The 9th Circuit is essentially the “Obama Judiciary”.  They’ve made multiple rulings with no historical precedent in regards to Trump’s Executive Orders.  They’re operating outside the bounds of their judicial power.  They’re anti-gun and pro-censorship.

However, Mr. President, you need to bite the bullet and continue the process of moving your case to the Supreme Court.

Wiping out the 9th Circuit, as delicious as that would be, would result in short term gain and potentially agonizing long term pain.  For starters, it would be an opportunity for millions of ignorant morons to claim that you’re the ultra-tyrannical reincarnation of Hitler.  Stacking the courts is never looked upon kindly by historians (unless you’re a pathetic President like FDR).  And let’s be honest, the optics of a sitting President dismantling an entire circuit because they’re not complying (even if they’re not doing their job)  just looks bad.

The other reason is that you’ll win your case at the Supreme Court.  There is nothing in the Constitution that grants any power to the States to manage external immigration.  Just as important, your powers to control immigration are clearly outlined as Godlike in previous cases.