What alcoholics refer to as…

… a brief moment of clarity.

Chris Matthews gets them every so often.  He had two of them recently:


Now, in full disclosure, I’m extremely liberal (that’s a lowercase “L”) on social issues.  I have no problems with gay marriage or people who are transgender.  The problem is that the Democrat party has attempt to implement social (and sometimes legal) rules designed to fracture and create wedge issues.  It’s one thing to have a live and let live perspective on someone who is transgender.  It’s another thing to be told that you’d better feel comfortable about your child walking into the Target bathroom when a 45 year old trans-woman is in there.  If you’re anything less than completely comfortable with this, you’re a bigot and because your a bigot, you are not to be listened to.  You are to be completely silenced because your words have no merit.

#2: Matthews Admits the Media Is ‘Killing’ Trump, ‘Gale Force Winds Against Him’

In an almost stunning moment of clarity during Sunday’s Meet the Press, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admitted in a rant that the media were targeting President Trump. “This president has gale-force winds against him. He comes in with the media killing him every day,” he told moderator Chuck Todd, who was obsessing over the President’s approval numbers. “The New York Times does enterprise pieces, four or five a day against him.”

He also explained that “the big part is the media,” and he recalled how “the media heralded the arrival of Jack Kennedy who won by nothing practically. 100,000 votes.” “But yet he came in, to the point where people said I voted for him. Everybody said they voted — they didn’t vote,” he continued. Essentially, the liberal media championed him so much that people wanted to be associated with the victory.
I’m seeing more Leftist pundits/commentators finally reaching a point where they’re finally speaking up in regards to the insanity on display from the American Left.  Whether this is a hopeful trend or just a temporary blip remains to be seen.