Stop using Facebook.

I’ve talked about Facebook before, but I’m going to keep pleading until you stop.  The metrics collection that they engage in based off of your “innocent posts” to your Facebook Page go far beyond anything you can imagine.

There’s a field in their analytics database for you that predicts the date of your death.  Chances are, it will be very close.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the disturbing data and metadata they collect and create based on your rather volunteering nature when it comes to Facebook posting.

Mark Zuckerberg is an evil piece of shit.

Facebook is an evil company.

Ethical companies don’t do things like this:

Leaked document reveals Facebook conducted research to target emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth – AUS News

FACEBOOK has come under fire over revelations it is targeting potentially vulnerable youths who “need a confidence boost” to facilitate predatory advertising practices.

The allegation was revealed this morning by The Australian which obtained internal documents from the social media giant which reportedly show how Facebook can exploit the moods and insecurities of teenagers using the platform for the potential benefit of advertisers.

The confidential document dated this year detailed how by monitoring posts, comments and interactions on the site, Facebook can figure out when people as young as 14 feel “defeated”, “overwhelmed”, “stressed”, “anxious”, “nervous”, “stupid”, “silly”, “useless”, and a “failure”.

Such information gathered through a system dubbed sentiment analysis could be used by advertisers to target young Facebook users when they are potentially more vulnerable.