More of that clarity…

Berkeley was once a cultural flashpoint for freedom of speech.  Now it is again, but for the wrong reasons.

Ann Coulter had to cancel her speech at Berkeley last week in part due to the violence that was threatened by a bunch of fascists ironically calling themselves “Antifa”, but mostly it had to be cancelled because the Berkeley mayor and police are fucking scum.  The head pig (the mayor) has instructed the little piglets (the police) to not arrest violent, anti-free speech protestors in Berkeley.  We saw it with the Berkeley riots back in February and we saw it again in the past two weeks.  Several sites have done excellent video breakdowns showing the police doing nothing to stop violence initiated by Antifa right in front of them.

The positive in all this is that the little monsters that the Democrat party has created have finally gone too far for even some prominent Liberals.

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Even the ACLU chastised the little fascists:

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Perhaps there’s reason to be hopefully about the de-zombification of Liberals.