Americans have little appetite for nuance or complexity.  That’s why one of the key elements of Hillary’s private server scandal was lost in the shuffle.

The FBI handed out immunity deals to Hillary’s people like they were fucking candy.  AND the FBI allowed some of Hillary’s people to be interviewed at the SAME TIME as they were interviewing her.  I’m talking in the same room.  AND despite the fact that the FBI handed out all those immunity deals, they never prosecuted anyone.

This is where the habit of American’s ignoring details becomes critical.  For anyone that has done the research on how the FBI operates or listened to interviews with ex-FBI agents, the FBI never, ever, EVAR does the things listed above.  EVAR. 

You don’t let someone walk unless they’ve proven to you that they have information that can guarantee a prosecution and conviction.  You don’t interview a group of criminals together, where one of them can make up a story and the rest can nod their heads in agreement.  You don’t give someone a pass on a felony because they’ve convinced you that they’re too fucking stupid to realize that it’s a crime.  Especially when the person claiming to be too fucking stupid to know that you don’t use a private, unsecured mail server to house Special Access Program classified data is the goddamn motherfucking SECRETARY OF STATE.

However, the company that hosted the server is now being handed over to the Department of Justice for prosecution.  Now that we have a, you know, Department of Justice that isn’t operating as a criminal organization.

Congress Refers Hillary’s Private Server Company To DOJ For Prosecution – ZeroHedge