Trump Wants to Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate to 15% – WSJ

Not this is some fucking “Hope & Change”.  We would go from one of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world to one of the lowest.  You want 3% GDP and 3% (real) unemployment?  There you go.

Of course, we’ll hear the common, ignorant refrain from both the ideologues and the bought-and-paid-for on the Left:  “He’s in the pocket of the corporations maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

If you have an idiot or idiots in your life that are going to use that refrain, destroy it with the following information.

The reality is that those evil corporations that Liberals talk about, the big international ones that are genuinely evil, are paying roughly 0% in taxes.  These are corporations that are thought of as American but use legal loopholes such as re-importing their own goods to avoid being taxed at all.  As part of the lower baseline corporate tax rate, expect those loopholes to close.

It’s the small and medium size businesses that are paying over a third of their success on the government and when you combine their total tax burdens, half of the wealth these small businesses create goes to the government.  Only the most ignorant, government-worshipping communist could think that’s a scenario that’s beneficial to the citizens.

Imagine what going from 35% to 15% means for a small to medium size business means?  More money for their current employees, more money for new positions, actual money to invest in expansion.  And with the tax loopholes being closed, the tax receipts remain the same.  Of course, those genuinely evil international corporations will not like this change and their many, many puppets in the Democrat party and their almost as many puppets in the Republican party will fight tool and nail against this change.  This will only happen if people are pressuring the hell out of their Congressman.