Why North Korea is not Syria…

…and for any Liberals reading this, the headline implies an exemption from the obvious geographic difference.

I’m still angry and concerned over President Trump’s incursion into Syria.  There’s growing evidence that the missile attack was perhaps a clever charade to quash the Russian/Trump hysteria, but the misstep still did damage in terms of Trump’s base and their level of support for him.

That’s why it’s very easy to look at our current stand off with North Korea and mutter “Oh Christ, here we go again.”   But North Korea is the one case where I approve of military action.

For those of you who have read this blog for some time, you know that I am completely non-internationalist when it comes to the use of military force.  Anyone who has spent even a limited amount of time researching America’s history knows that almost every war is a banker war.  These wars drain trillions of dollars of wealth from our country, they always do more harm than good and they manipulate the populace into allowing unconstitutional actions by the federal government.

However, a military engagement with North Korea satisfies a number of requirements.  North Korea has repeatedly threatened the use of nuclear weapons on us and our allies.  Kim Jong-in is inbred enough and crazy enough to follow through with these threats.  There are no natural resources of significant value that could undermine our righteousness in a military engagement with the DPRK.  Finally, the government of North Korea is a despotic regime that has murdered millions either directly or indirectly by poverty and starvation.  The regime is literally the textbook definition of an evil empire.

Perhaps equally important, North Korea is a problem that the globalists have ordered our politicians to ignore for years until it could build up and fester into a world crisis, a ready-made catastrophe to manipulate the populace with.

So yes, I’m vehemently against military action of any kind.  Except against the DPRK.