The middle disappears…

It’s the final round in France.  Le Pen, a conservative Nationalist who is not part of the establishment and Macron, a far-Left member of the establishment (although portrayed as an outsider and a moderate by a deceptive press).

Between vote rigging, CIA interference and the callow nature of the French, I suspect Macron will win.  However, I expect Le Pen to win in the next term, five years from now or earlier if Macron is removed.  Of course, that’s if there’s a France left to lead five years from now.  Let’s hope I’m wrong on my prediction.  At the very least, Marine Le Pen’s party, the National Front will gain significant power in these elections.

Notice how the “middle” was invisible in this election.  Moderates, often a symbol of the establishment are being squeezed out.  You have a nationalist conservative and a far-left wingnut.  Sound familiar?

Now, Hillary Clinton is not far-left.  She’s a neocon.  However, Bernie Sanders is a communist and if not for the DNC stealing the nomination, he would have been the Democrat nominee.  Expect this pattern to play out in a number of western countries moving forward.  You’re going to see more elections between nationalist, populist candidates against far-left candidates who at least appear to be outside the establishment.

This in itself is a victory.  It’s a sign of a mass awakening, even if a significant portion of people foolishly gravitate towards a big government candidate who is somehow going to save us from… big government.