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hilarious article in Vanity Fair today:


Every paragraph on this silver-spoon idiot is pure gold.


The first round of the French election is tomorrow.  The two candidates with the highest vote percentages then face off against one another.  Why their election process resembles a Pinewood Derby tournament, I do not know.  But say a little prayer for Marine Le Pen.  The violence we’re seeing from Muslim Immigrants in France is simply a future snapshot of what the NWO is trying to do here in the United States.  I was thinking the other day about the unthinking “tolerance” that Leftists engage in.  I’d respect it a bit more if they had tolerance for any opinions on anything other than their own, but there is some nobleness to their perspective.  However, they refuse to understand that when you have tolerance for people who are utterly intolerant, you erode the tolerance of your society.  There are certain things that you’re not supposed to tolerate.


A very important, and I would say accurate article regarding President Trump being “okay” with Julian Assange being arrested.  There’s no question that Trump has been at least partially co-opted.  This could be as simple as a weakness for family members influencing him in a negative fashion (Kushner, Ivanka), threats to his family from the CIA or even entrainment technologies.

Regardless, if he doesn’t know it already, the people that voted for Donald Trump are not the mindless idiots that voted for Barack Obama.  If you do bad things or walk back promises, we will not blindly support you.

By Going After Assange, Trump Will Alienate The Alt-Right Forever – Caitlin Johnstone

The shitty thing about having a predominantly lefty readership is that when I try to talk about the anti-establishment left’s counterparts on the political right, people have no idea what I’m talking about, because we’ve got our own echo chambers just like other groups have. When I say the alt-right is overwhelmingly opposed to military interventionism and regime change wars, or that it was understandable for them to hope that Trump was going to drain the swamp, bitch slap the globalists and stand up to the deep state, I get a lot of pushback from people who insist that they’re nothing but a bunch of stupid racist warmongering fascists who value nothing but power and money. And when I say that they are mostly decent people with a solid moral code who will not hesitate to turn against Trump if he steps out of line, I’ll likely get people arguing that the Trumpsters will stay loyal to their God Emperor no matter what. Those people will be wrong, and they should spend less time in the lefty echo chamber.