The ravings of a lunatic…

…can sometimes be instructive.

Something named Mark Feinberg wrote an essay for The Hill entitled:

America’s biggest enemy isn’t North Korea or Iran — it’s Steve Bannon – The Hill

The absurd hyperbole in the headline immediately eliminates any thinking person from reading the article.  However, it’s extremely instructive.  Bannon was singled out immediately after the election as the biggest danger to the status quo.  He knows the score, he knows who the bad guys are, he knows who the good guys are and he has an unwavering belief in the principles that this country was founded upon.  He is the man that can keep Trump on the right track.  And so he must be neutralized.

Whether Feinberg is just an imbecile or he’s on the payroll for more powerful people trying to neutralize Bannon (and by proxy, Trump) I couldn’t say, but the latter is more likely.  Bannon has already been made an “outside dog” within the White House and now they’ll attempt the final push to get him out.  This must not happen.