The New Queen of Crazy…

Democrats’ all-too-telling love for Maxine Waters – NY Post

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is the current darling of the left — which tells you just how crazy Democrats have gotten.
CNNPolitics reports, accurately, Waters is “having a moment” with the biggest online buzz since Bernie Sanders. Elle dubbed her “The Millennials’ Political Rock Star.”
Yet she’s every bit the over-the-top lefty she’s been for decades. Indeed, she’s winning all the praise by calling for President Trump’s impeachment.
On the record, at least 25 times.
Last week, she told the Los Angeles Press Club, “I want this president impeached.” She spent the weekend leading a crowd of activists in an “Impeach 45!” chant.
But MSNBC’s Craig Melvin pressed her on the issue Tuesday, and she quickly insisted, “I have not called for impeachment.”
This would almost be humorous if it were not for the enormous damage Democrats and Liberals have done to the Republic.  I’d be hard pressed to name a crazier and more stupid member of Congress than Maxine Waters, and yet she’s become one of the most prominent faces of the Democrat party.  Liberals, hope you’re looking forward to 8 years of Trump : )