Why are they so afraid of words and ideas?

We all remember the violent tantrum that Berkeley students threw back when Milo attempted to give a speech.  This time Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Berkeley and the speech was cancelled due to “security concerns”.

Ann Coulter: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Needs to Investigate UC Berkeley For Cancelling Speech – Gateway Pundit

Yes, words can be genuinely powerful.  And yes, the small group of people with designs of bringing this country under their boot heel are afraid of those words.  They want the Left to be closed off, cocooned with other Leftists and screaming “La La La” with their hands over their ears any time someone tries to debase them of their ridiculous ideas.  But what kind of generation did we raise that so happily goes along with this scheme, a generation that’s so utterly incapable of dealing with the emotional fallout of having one’s ideas challenged amidst the safety of the figurative echo chambers of today’s modern college campus?

I’ll tell you what kind:  A bunch of fucking pussies.  That’s what kind.

But since we’re talking about Berkeley and pussies, these Antifa fucks have got to be the biggest fucking pussies on the planet.  A bunch of brain-dead fascists that are so fucking stupid and controllable that they actually believe that violently shutting down a peaceful speech is somehow fighting against fascism.  Even more ironic is that they’re getting paid $15 an hour by a rich Nazi-sympathizer to “fight fascism”.

The best part is that these little bag munchers shit and piss themselves at the first sign of someone that fights back, which many of the Trump supporters do with gusto.  My primary disappointment in the Coulter cancellation is that it was an opportunity for these stupid fucking children to actually hear some new ideas.  But a close second was seeing more of those little Antifa bitches getting their faces kicked in.